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Taylor Swift Counts Down Album Release with Favorite Number

Taylor Quick accepts within the control of the number 13 — so like clockwork, she stamped 13 days some time recently the April 19 midnight discharge of The Tormented Artists Division by reminding Swifties to preorder the collection.

The 14-time Grammy victor floated toward “13” as a fortunate number early in life as she was born on Dec. 13, she turned 13 on a Friday the 13th and her to begin with No. 1 nation hit had a 13-second intro.

On Saturday, Quick, 34, reminded fans of her proclivity for the number on her Instagram Stories, posting a video of a typewriter writing, “13 days until THE Tormented Artists DEPARTMENT,” nearby an collection preorder connect.

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The Instagram Stories post comes amid the same week SiriusXM uncovered it is propelling a channel committed to Quick, fittingly named Channel 13 (Taylor's Adaptation), a gesture to her favorite number and her rereleases.

“The 13th day of the channel, Friday, April 19, coincides with the discharge of Taylor Swift's unused collection The Tormented Writers Department,” SiriusXM said in a press release. “Channel 13 (Taylor's Form) will be playing the complete collection starting to conclusion ceaselessly all through the weekend.”

The “Is It Over Now?” artist has been advancing The Tormented Artists Division frequently ever since reporting her eleventh studio collection amid an acknowledgment discourse at the 2024 Grammy Grants on Feb. 4.

"I need to say thank you to the individuals of the Recording Foundation for voting this way. But I know that the way that the Recording Institute voted may be a coordinate reflection of the enthusiasm of the fans," Quick said at the Grammys.

”So I need to say thank you to the fans by telling you a mystery that I've been keeping from you for the final two a long time, which is that my brand modern collection comes out on April 19,” she proceeded. It's called The Tormented Artists Division. I'm gonna go and post the cover right presently backstage. Thank you. I cherish you. Thank you.”

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The verses on The Tormented Artists Office will investigate five stages of heartbreak:
refusal, outrage, haggling, misery and acknowledgment.

On Friday, Quick shared five select playlists with Apple Music — one for each of those stages. Each playlist contains tunes from her past collections.

The playlists are titled I Cherish You, It's Demolishing My Life Tunes, You Do not Get to Let Me know Approximately Pitiful Tunes, Am I Permitted to Cry? Melodies, Ancient Propensities Kick the bucket Shouting Melodies and I Can Do It with a Broken Heart Songs.

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