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Is Marvel's 'Thunderbolts' a Stealth 'Dark Avengers' Movie?

A lovely curiously fan hypothesis is picking up footing online, proposing Wonder Studio's up and coming Thunderbolts motion picture might really by a Dull Vindicators motion picture in camouflage. Thunderbolts* was to begin with declared as a another team-up motion picture highlighting MCU anti-heroes and transformed scalawags, be that as it may fans suspect a really intelligent confusion at play by Wonder Studios Studio president Kevin Feige.

The key piece of prove? The movie's puzzle reference bullet at the conclusion of the tile:Thunderbolts*, a to begin with for the company. Amid final week's CinemaCon, Feige recognized the asterisk's presence but denied to expand on the meaning of the reference bullet until after the film's debut or Comic-Con 2026.

“Yes, you'll take note the reference bullet on Thunderbolts, Feige said. “That is the official title of Thunderbolts and we won't conversation more approximately that until after the motion picture comes out.”

Feige's comments has fueled uncontrolled fan hypothesis online that Thunderbolts* is just a brief title, concealing a major MUC plot advancement. The winning hypothesis among the fan community recommends the movie's genuine reason is to present the notorious Dim Justice fighters – a group of lowlifess disguising as Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

“I think this is often since they're gonna alter their title at the conclusion of the film. Thunderbolts is gonna be a title like 'Task Drive X' and the real individuals are gonna rename themselves The Dull Avengers,”.

“Maybe Thunderbolts* title gets changed to Dim AVENGERS* and Norman Osborn makes an appearance Press Loyalist

“I'm telling you that Thunderbolts* will likely be renamed as the Dim Justice fighters

“It is expected that 'THUNDERBOLTS*' will be renamed 'Dark Avengers' at the conclusion of the film since of the asterisk,”. “A little indicate leads to President Ross calling for the Justice fighters to be revamped within the unused scene for 'Captain America: Brave New World' appeared at #CinemaCon.”

The past X client makes a substantial point since in Captain America: Brave New World, President Ross communicated his intrigued in Sam Wilson reviving the Avengers Activity, in conjunction with Valentina Allegra de Fontaine's shady power-accumulating motivation. Having the Sentry moreover in Thunderbolts* could be a strong clue as well.

Indeed the asterisk might hold the ultimate reply, as it were making sense after seeing Thunderbolts* finishing or the film's post-credits scenes, where the truth approximately the team's detestable nature is conceivably divulged.

Wonder Studios' Thunderbolts* will be discharged in theaters on May 2, 2025.

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