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Chris Pine Discusses 'Wonder Woman 3' Cancellation & Steve Trevor's Fate

Was it right for DC to can Ponder Lady 3? Steve Trevor performing artist Chris Pine talks on the franchise's up and coming reboot.

Ponder Lady 3 was one of the foremost curiously ventures to take after after James Gunn and Diminish Safran took over DC, with clashing reports coming out about each day some time recently it was at last canceled. Numerous fans were calmed at this news, accepting the studio required to begin new, particularly after the deplorable Ponder Lady 1984. However Chris Pine, who played Steve Trevor within the to begin with two movies, concedes that he's confused by the move.

“I'm shocked that they said no to a billion-dollar establishment and chosen to turn elsewhere,” Pine clarified to Trade Insider. “I do not know what the thinking was behind that; it's over my pay review, but Ponder Lady is an unimaginable character; Patty is such a mindful director.”

Whereas it's certainly genuine that the primary Ponder Lady earned about a billion dollars at the box office, the scene of DC movies has changed a part since 2017. Its spin-off Ponder Lady 1984 made scarcely a fourth of what the primary film did, but it did come out within the middle of a widespread. Whereas it's reasonable for Chris Pine to be befuddled by the choice, all signs point to the reboot being the finest way forward.

Chris Pine Talks On Potential Return To DC

Chris Pine's Steve Trevor was one of the finest parts of both Ponder Lady movies, having a torch chemistry with Lady Gadot. Fans celebrated when Pine returned to Wonder Lady 1984 in spite of being dead, driving numerous to hypothesize he'd moreover appear up in Ponder Lady 3. Be that as it may, when inquired around the plausibility of another Steve Trevor return, Pine conceded his time with DC was over.

“Me. No. Homie is dead. Steve is gonzo,” Pine clarified. “It would be strange to undertake to bring me back.”

It was certainly already crazy to bring Steve Trevor back in Ponder Lady 1984. However it's great to listen that Chris Pine would've had sufficient sense not to return for a potential Ponder Lady 3. Indeed in spite of the fact that he won't return as the warrior taking after the reboot, this may take off the on-screen character open to play another DC saint. Booster Gold, anybody?

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