It’s important to be residing off the grid to be unaware of the Dangerous Bunny and Kendall Jenner love escándalo. Critically, even my Latino mother and father have been left baffled and invested when this unlikely couple made the noticias. Nonetheless, for younger Latines and followers of Dangerous Bunny, the overall consensus on-line appears to be disappointment. For a lot of, witnessing Dangerous Bunny place himself with a household that appears to disconnected from the understanding of their privilege has been a significant letdown.

Whereas neither has publicly confirmed the connection, relationship rumors have been making headlines since February. And in August, the duo have been noticed making out at a Drake live performance.

Many within the Latine group have been heartbroken to see an an artist who has, in some ways, felt just like the gold normal of Latine illustration in a relationship with somebody from the Kardashian/Jenner household. Many really feel that he has “sold out.”

One of many driving causes Dangerous Bunny turned the lover of the Latine group was his adamant stance on not assimilating or changing to business pressures. It was the other of one thing that is generally seen when Latine stars cross over into the mainstream. For instance, witnessing Dangerous Bunny sing in non-English on the Grammys, an English-speaking award present, needed to be a spotlight of our Benito stan timeline. That is as a result of being a supporter of the Puerto Rican artist felt like an expression of proudly owning one’s cultural roots with pleasure.

So you possibly can most likely see why the Latine social media universe loses its thoughts with each viral video capturing Dangerous Bunny and Jenner’s interactions. It is an expertise just like that very first second once you witness your ex with their new accomplice. It has left many feeling baffled, triggered, and needing to course of.

Benito’s fan base clearly desires to know: are Dangerous Bunny and Jenner genuinely vibing? So, we turned to astrology to translate the common language of affection of their charts.

What Makes Kendall Jenner and Dangerous Bunny Cosmically Suitable?

Dangerous Bunny and Jenner are each water indicators; he is a Pisces and he or she’s a Scorpio. Water indicators have robust romantic compatibility, they usually can learn one another’s physique language and power very effectively.

We also needs to acknowledge the mutual Aries and Scorpio placements of their charts. It is a double dose of ardour and lust. Their Aries placements, that are her moon and his Venus, are the driving drive behind this depth. Jenner has an Aries moon and Benito has an Aries Venus. Particularly, these two planets of their charts are each on the similar diploma. They’re sitting at a precise conjunction (each planets are proper subsequent to one another) within the signal of Aries.

Anytime a pair has a moon-Venus conjunction, it’s a recipe for love and brings a harmonious nature to the connection. They’re positively appropriate due to this placement. They each really feel very protected with one another. Nonetheless, as a result of it’s Jenner’s moon signal hitting his Venus, she feels comfy and has surrendered to letting him lead the connection, one thing her Aries moon would not do usually except it feels safe. That is what makes this connection so particular. She could be susceptible with Dangerous Bunny due to this particular planetary connection.

They Are Every Different’s Saturn Return

Here is the massive reveal and possibly one of many strongest planetary connections of their charts. Dangerous Bunny and Jenner are each individually having their Saturn return. A Saturn return is a transit when the planet Saturn returns again into your chart each 29 years. It is a interval once you bear karmic classes. It is not a straightforward interval; it consists of two and a half years of present process a private life overview. These two are going through lots of public scrutiny for his or her union — because of their Saturn return.

Due to their Saturn return connection, they’re karmic soulmates. Which means they’re non secular academics to 1 one other and are experiencing soul classes by way of this relationship. Jenner’s Saturn is conjunct (tightly related) to Dangerous Bunny’s natal Pisces solar place.

His Saturn sits in her twelfth home of karma and spirituality. Primarily based on this place, one can assume they’re past-life soulmates. He’s subconsciously influencing her non secular way of living and serving to her increase past her consolation zone. There’s a deep layer of transferring past limiting beliefs that the 2 are present process collectively, complementary to their simultaneous Saturn return transits.

There may be lots of success they’ll obtain collectively because of this place. However on the similar time, they may have great adversity and challenges because it pertains to making this connection final. The double Saturn place makes it a relationship that has to transcend previous the court docket of public opinion in the event that they actually need to make it work. They’re positively instructing one another how one can assume with their coronary heart and never with their head. Moreover, this astrological placement is giving them a lift in reward by amounting to extra fame, because of Saturn.

That is a kind of markings in a pair’s synastry chart that may make the connection a “right person, wrong time” kind of situation due to the Saturn depth. This positively means they’ve karma to satisfy attributable to Saturn. It was a destined assembly of the souls.

Do Dangerous Bunny and Kendall Jenner Converse the Similar Love Language?

Sure, because of their Scorpio connections. Jenner is a Scorpio solar signal, and Dangerous Bunny has tons of Scorpio placements in his chart, reminiscent of his Jupiter and North Node conjunct Pluto. This creates depth and a magnetic pull for the 2.

Additionally, Jenner’s Scorpio solar signal and her Scorpio Venus fall in his twelfth home. They’ve mutual twelfth home connections complementing this romance. This additional provides to confirming they’re past-life soulmates and really feel a deep bond. As a result of the twelfth home is the astrological residence of hidden enemies, this implies they may mutually must defy all odds to make this work and might want to confront frequent enemies such because the media, public scrutiny, and extra.

This offers them with the language of mutual bonding over supporting each other. They’ll turn into shut due to this connection. This additionally speaks to their mutual fondness for being personal. Though they’re going to garner a lot consideration, in love, they may need to maintain this sacred and extra to themselves. That is as a result of the twelfth home seeks privateness and creates depth.

May Dangerous Bunny and Kendall Jenner Be Soulmates?

The evaluation is: sure, they’re karmic soulmates. Karma is not essentially all the time unfavorable. Karma is the trade of power and experiences used to transcend triggers. Collectively, these two share a deep telepathic bond. Their greatest adversity as a pair shall be surviving this relationship in the midst of their Saturn return and the challenges introduced on by the Saturn return. If they’ll make it previous 2025, they’ve the potential to turn into an enormous profitable celeb couple for the historical past books.

Will Dangerous Bunny and Kendall Jenner’s Relationship Final?

There’s potential, in the event that they let go of the necessity to management the dynamic. It is a connection that shall be constructed on the success of going with the circulation and having no want to alter the opposite accomplice.

Jenner seemingly finds Dangerous Bunny to be a possible life accomplice, because of her Mars and Jupiter in Sagittarius sitting in his first home. This makes him her preferrred accomplice, which is a robust indication that the connection has long-term relationship potential. She has seemingly fallen quick and laborious for him. Add of their sexual compatibility, and it is a relationship that may rock their world. There may be intense sexual chemistry between the 2. They each really feel a mutual need to be protecting of each other as effectively due to their Mars signal points.

Count on these two to parade the PDA and enhance formal sightings as a pair by the top of October 2023. Towards the top of this 12 months, we are able to seemingly see them make their first official purple carpet appearances collectively as a pair.

My take is that this connection will finish earlier than their Saturn return is over, or no less than finish by the completion of it, which concludes 2025. That is a kind of connections the place they should go their separate methods and mature and discover their lives and careers earlier than they’re introduced again collectively by future for a second probability. They’ve the potential to turn into engaged no less than as soon as, and even twice. I would not be stunned in the event that they take a break and reunite once more in 2026 for one final strive.

Their robust moon-Venus connection makes this a connection that may ultimately result in marriage if the couple determine to go that route. Better of luck to those two water indicators.