Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion made their triumphant collaborative return with “Bongos” on Sept. 8, providing up what’s successfully a sequel to their 2020 pussy rap smash hit, “WAP.”

“WAP” and its sexual lyrics struck a twine worldwide with supporters and critics alike. Its detractors claimed it demeans ladies, whereas supporters identified the music promotes unapologetic sexual expression on ladies’s phrases in an business overflowing with males who sing and rap about intercourse and face far much less scrutiny.

Cardi and Megan proceed their message of ladies’s sexual empowerment with “Bongos.” Nevertheless, with “WAP,” the which means behind the music’s title was somewhat extra simple: it meant “wet ass pussy,” and that lyric was interspersed repeatedly all through the music. Followers is likely to be questioning what “bongos” means now, contemplating the phrase itself just isn’t used fairly as incessantly or explicitly within the music’s lyrics.

However whereas “Bongos” is a tiny bit much less simple than “WAP” (the phrase is just rapped within the precise lyrics of the music as soon as), its which means remains to be evident by the top. Learn on to study the which means behind Megan and Cardi’s newest music title.

What Does “Bongos” Imply?

At one level in “Bongos,” Cardi raps, “Better beat this sh*t like a drum,” referring to the act of intercourse creating a gradual beat — and therein lies the inspiration behind the music’s title. “Bongos”‘s total theme facilities on ladies proudly embracing their sexuality. Whether or not they’re singing about twerking or intercourse, the phrases “bongos” and “drum” (and even how the phrase bongos is repeated within the background all through the music, making a literal drum beat) is a euphemism for, properly, intercourse!

What Does “My Backshots Sound Like Bongos” Imply?

The one time “bongos” is used explicitly within the lyrics of “Bongos” is when Megan raps, “My backshots sound like bongos.” On this context, “backshots” seemingly refers back to the photographic or cinematic definition of the time period: a shot taken from behind a topic.

Contemplating Cardi and Megan commonly function twerking of their choreography, her backshots sound like “bongos,” as a result of when she’s filmed from behind, she’s typically twerking or, in different phrases, making her ass clap. Within the following line, Megan raps, “I ain’t scared to admit, I’m a freak ho,” which might additionally imply the earlier line alludes to filming oneself from the again when having intercourse.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Bongos” Lyrics

Try the lyrics of “Bongos” of their entirety under (through Genius).

INTRO (Cardi B)
Bong-bong-bong (We good?)
Bong-bong-bong-bong-bong (Like a drum)
Bong-bong-bong-bong-bong-bong-bong (Haha, that is hearth)

VERSE 1 (Cardi B)
N***a, eat this ass like a plum (Plum)
This pussy tight like a nun (Nun)
Higher chew it up prefer it’s gum (Gum)
Then wipe your mouth if you accomplished (Okay)

I am scorching like Nevada, pussy get popped, piñata
B*tch, I seem like cash (Like cash)
You may print my face on a greenback

Beat it up (Bong-bong-bong)
Beat it up (Bong-bong-bong)
Beat it up (Bong-bong-bong)
Beat it up (Bong), okay

5, 4, three, two, one, raise off (Hey)
Honey, I am house, sneakers gettin’ kicked off (Uh)
Each time I flip round, a b*tch pissed off (Ah-ha)
Little dusty ass hoes want a lint brush (Woo)

You gon’ cool down, you gon’ livе with him (What?)
I do not even wanna put up a pic with him (No)
The bag hе simply purchased me was a Goyard (Goyard)
That ain’t your n***a, he’s each ours

Pussy tight like a nun (Nun)
Countin’ up tons of with my thumb (Thumb)
I do not care the place you from (From)
Higher beat this sh*t like a drum (Okurrr)

Do not be talkin’ sh*t like you understand me (Woo)
I journey dick like a pony, woman
That n***a seem like a brokey (Actual scorching woman sh*t)
Go and f*ck along with his homie, he a— (Ah)

VERSE 2 (Megan Thee Stallion)
This ass sit just like the stallion, all these wannabes my lil’ ponies
These hoes camped out within the feedback, all the time talkin’ like they know me (Ayy)

Thick b*tches within the black truck, packed in
Eat whoever in my manner, Ms. Pacman
Hermes, made an actual massive buy
Purse so massive, needed to deal with it like an individual

Unhealthy b*tch (Unhealthy b*tch) in actual life (In actual life)
Present me actual love (Yeah, yeah), give a f*ck about them likes (‘Bout them likes)
B*tch tryna say, “I ain’t fine,” oh, aight
They know I am thick like I am eatin’ beans with the rice

Like lean over ice, acquired the true meat pies (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I be spillin’ like my ass out these denims once they tight (Yeah, uh, yeah)
And the way in which they watch me, should be monetized (Ah)
I’ma want a cash bag if I sleep in a single day

Wait, wait (Maintain up), wait, wait (Maintain up), wait
Hoes pop capsules, however I am the one they cannot take (Yeah)
Sizzling woman sh*t, I’ma make somethin’ shake (Brrt)
I do know these stiff hoes cannot relate (Ah)

VERSE 3 (Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion)
Shoot your shot like a free throw
Simply know this pussy ain’t free, although
My BD is a Migo, b*tch, your BD is a zero

My backshots sound like bongos
I ain’t scared to confess, I am a freak ho (Ah)
At the least I am gettin’ my cash (Yeah)
Y’all hoes broke, pussy took extra turns than a key gap (Hahaha)

INTERLUDE (Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion)
It did
Like a bun
I’ma throw it again prefer it’s Thursday
I acquired cake, I am lit, it is my birthday, ah

VERSE 4 (Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion)
Do not journey it on my knees, b*tch, I journey it on my toes (Uh)
Huge fats ass, or not it’s eatin’ up the thong
Bought a storage stuffed with overseas vehicles that I by no means drove (Yeah)
A b*tch could not faculty me with a pupil mortgage

I am so horny, I might Met Gala in a gown (Gown)
I might physique each look and I might physique each pose (Sure)
Neck stuffed with diamonds, yeah, I am ceaselessly froze
Will Cardi ever fall off? B*tch, we’ll by no means know (Woo)

OUTRO (Cardi B)
B*tch, I am scorching like Nevada, pussy get popped, piñata (Bop)
Lookin’ like cash (Chilly), you may print my face on a greenback (Okurrr)

This pussy, Dominicana
This pussy, Americana, ayy
Si tú quiere’ que te toma, toma
Purchased a pair cribs by myself, I am a proprietor

Beat it up
Actual scorching woman sh*t
La Cardi (Ah)

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Bongos” Music Video