Sure, there’s a writers strike occurring, however the WGA West can be conducting an officer and board election, and the candidates, although all of them assist the strike, are expressing a variety of different issues in statements they’ve posted on the guild’s election web site.

Meredith Stiehm, who’s operating for re-election as president, hasn’t posted her assertion but, however all the opposite officer candidates have, and so they have lots to say.

Wealthy Talarico, a Peabody Award winner and four-time Emmy-nominated author and producer who’s maybe greatest identified for his work on Comedy Central’s Key & Peele, writes that “Achieving transparency regarding writer payments and accounting practices, will be the cornerstones of my leadership. Too often, writers who work in good faith are routinely met with confusing payment charts, unclear royalty checks, and unverifiable systems. Under the current model, it’s nearly impossible for a writer to understand where and how their work is being offered, consumed, and compensated for.”

“Many of us have experienced our own personal transparency horror stories,” he wrote. “I recently received an SNL royalty check and the cryptic payment detail simply read, “RESIDUALS,” with zero rationalization as to what platform(s) the cost was supposed to cowl.

“As studios embed with and become streamers (Paramount+, Peacock, Disney +/Hulu), it is increasingly important for writers to have clear access to streaming numbers to determine fairness. Unions and companies must adopt clear standards for monitoring streaming use, ensuring fairness to both sides.”

See his full candidate’s assertion right here.

Talarico, who for years has been battling in opposition to a contract provision that permits for the “ongoing and persistent abuse” of five-minute promotional clips of TV reveals, says that they “significantly harm writers’ potential compensation.”

Of Key & Peele, he stated, “we have amassed billions of views on promotional excerpts while receiving checks for pennies on the dollar in compensation, because this ‘promotion’ actually suffocates compensable platforms.”

Evaluating these promotional clips to a go to to Panda Categorical, he wrote: “Where the manager offers chicken on a toothpick to entice purchase, studios should avoid flooding potential customers with endless free samples without pay for writers. Such practices deter viewers from paying for the full menu. While the MBA is silent on the number of permissible uploads, the contract language could not have intended this endless over-saturation of ‘promotional’ clips with zero pay for writers. Writers were hired to create TV shows, not endless web-shows masquerading as ‘promotion.’”

He’s additionally campaigning on increasing the guild’s jurisdiction to cowl actuality reveals; ending free work through the pitching and improvement course of; ending mini-rooms and granting full membership and voting standing to “post current” members who haven’t labored in recent times.

Michele Mulroney, a member of the guild’s negotiating committee who’s operating for re-election as vice chairman, stated in her assertion that “The inter-union solidarity during our labor action has been nothing short of historic. The support and sacrifice of so many sibling unions – both inside and outside of the entertainment business – has helped to sustain us through our MBA Negotiation cycle. When the time comes, we must reciprocate and stand by them. Nurses, teachers, Amazon warehouse workers, janitors; we are one union family! And of course, the WGA will stand in solidarity when IATSE, the Animation Guild and Teamsters fight for fair contracts in their negotiations.”

The guild’s board, she stated, should additionally “keep its eyes on the horizon in this next term and be hyper-vigilant in future-proofing our Guild against the tide of incoming changes that will impact our business and writers’ livelihoods. The streaming services are launching AVOD options, but hot on their heels are FAST channels like Pluto TV, Tubi, Freevee whose user numbers are rapidly catching up with AVOD. Writers need their fair share of these revenue streams.”

And synthetic intelligence, she stated, “is going to be a dominant issue for years to come. The WGA must work hand in hand with our sister unions and experts in the field to assess the evolution of the large language models (ChatGPT and others) that threaten to decrease job opportunities for writers, suppress writer pay, and use writers’ work without their permission. Through our political action committee, we must advocate for appropriate regulatory and legislative actions to protect our members and the wider creative workforce from the abuses of this new tech.”

See her full assertion right here.

Her opponent, Isaac Gómez, who’s at present serving as a strike captain, stated he accepted the nomination for vice chairman “as a result of, to be frank, I didn’t see myself mirrored amongst our core managementWhy does this matter? Effectively, in keeping with our Inclusion & Fairness Report launched in 2022, writers of coloration becoming a member of the Guild has elevated dramatically over the past ten years – practically half of our Guild is comprised of writers of coloration – making our union probably the most racially numerous it’s ever been.

“And yet, there are no people of color in our core leadership positions (President/Vice President/Secretary-Treasurer), and there has not been one in several years. There have been many instances in my time as Strike Captain and Writers Room Captain where I’ve had to bring issues writers of color were experiencing to the forefront as some decision-making processes weren’t taking into consideration their specific needs, and the needs of other underrepresented writers.”

“Writers facing housing insecurity, on food stamps, and experiencing unemployment for months at a time is at its absolute high,” he says. “Negotiating for honest and equitable contracts with the AMPTP is one a part of it. However what occurs after? How will we guarantee financial sustainability all through durations exterior of contract negotiations?

“Right now, the Guild has a plethora of financial resources for writers in need, yet many writers aren’t aware of their existence or – due to paperwork anxiety and trauma – are unable to pursue those resources. I am committed to finding alternative ways of communicating resources available to the writers most in need – early career writers, working class writers, and writers of color. As Vice President, I intend to hold monthly workshops where we partner with Financial Advisors and Tax Accountants who hold seminars on best practices for financial management, growth, and sustainability.”

See his full assertion right here.

Betsy Thomas, who’s operating for re-election as secretary-treasurer, stated that she’s operating for yet another time period “because it’s essential that we do not change course with our leadership right now.”

As the present chair of the Membership & Finance Committee and the Strike Fund Committee, she stated that “we’re in the course of very, crucial work to make sure giving monetary assist at present to as a lot of our members as we will, whereas balancing wanting to make sure that the identical monetary assist shall be there for members as much as six months after the strike is settled.  Our committee could be very considerate, compassionate, however by no means forgets our accountability to the complete membership to be fiscally diligent within the course of.

“However what I’ve seen within the tons of of mortgage purposes is a narrative of why we’re on strike: members who’ve labored on two and even three reveals a yr – or have been doing six months of free rewrites on a script they bought – who can’t afford their cheap hire, are dealing with hundreds of {dollars} in bank card debt and even tons of of hundreds of {dollars} of scholar loans.

“Or the member who had been working as part of a workforce on a 16-week streaming gig at minimal, whose dad or mum falls unwell and so they abruptly must assist them, and so they have exhausted their financial savings with no hope to deal with the insanely excessive Los Angeles value of residing.

“Or there’s the author who has been a dues-paying member for 30 years, who after twenty years of creating a six-figure residing in community tv sees their revenue and residuals disappear with the shift to the rickety world of streaming employment.

“All of the sacrifice that we’ve made in the past months MUST yield a contract that ensures an actual future for all of us.  I cannot wait for the day that this important struggle is in the rearview mirror, but in the meantime, I stay committed to this victory… What I have learned in the past five years in leadership is: we the WGA are extraordinary. I am honored to be one of you. Now let’s get this over the finish line.”

See her full assertion right here.

Jeffrey Thompson, her opponent for secretary-treasurer, is campaigning to finish abusive habits within the movie and TV trade – together with abuse by fellow writers.

“In the past decade we’ve dealt with contract negotiations, packaging, massive changes in the industry through both streaming and how people consume media online, and other things that threaten our ability to make a living as writers, but there’s one threat that is eating away at the integrity of our guild,” he stated in his assertion.

“We have a problem with abuse in our industry and it needs to stop. Especially since many of the abuses that writers deal with can’t be blamed on the AMPTP or the studios, but on other writers who use their power to intimidate and manipulate others. And those who are abused are put into a situation in which they can either stay silent and tolerate those abuses (in the hopes that they’ll get a recommendation by their abuser for a future job) or speak up and risk being blacklisted. If we as a guild cannot protect the most vulnerable among us, then we are failing as a guild.”

“We all have either experienced or known others who have experienced mistreatment, but like many injustices in our industry, we tend to keep quiet. But when we are quiet, then we are allowing harm to continue,” he stated. “We need to foster a culture of safety and understanding in our guild. Because if we are the ones who are tearing each other down, then any gains that we make in this and any future negotiations are relatively meaningless.”

See his full assertion right here.

Earlier at the moment, the guild launched the names of all of the candidates who’ve certified for the officer and board election.

Along with the officer candidates, there are 20 candidates nominated to run for eight open seats on the board of administrators, together with Molly Nussbaum, Danielle Iman, Maggie Levin, Blake Masters, Rob Forman, Alex O’Keefe, Jonterri Gadson, Leah Folta, Grant Scharbo, Sean Presant, Scott Alexander, Jackie Penn, Kira Snyder, Van Robichaux, Niceole Levy and incumbents Adam Conover, Nicole Yorkin, Dailyn Rodriguez, Dante W. Harper, and Zoe Marshall.

You’ll be able to see their candidate statements right here.

Guild members will obtain voting supplies on August 29, and voting will finish on Sept. 19. The guild will host a Candidates Evening discussion board, the place guild members can ask questions of the candidates, on August 30.