“When the Mob Came” offers a quick, however very important historical past lesson mid-film.

The Cultural Revolution, the 10-year interval through which Chinese language youth helped take away the “Four Olds” – Outdated Concepts, Outdated Tradition, Outdated Customs, and Outdated Habits – left as much as 2 million folks useless.

Caylan Ford, the canceled star of the movie, presents three phrases to sum up that motion’s non secular cousin within the West – Cancel Tradition.

“What’s our excuse?”

The movie lets the query hold within the air, as effectively it ought to. You might not see a extra exhaustive have a look at each Cancel Tradition and its harrowing results on tradition than this blistering “Mob.” So why aren’t extra filmmakers tackling this very important topic?

When the Mob Got here from Caylan Ford on Vimeo.

Ford, a Canadian native and screenwriter (“Ask No Questions“), ran as Alberta’s United Conservative Party candidate when a last-minute dirty trick took down more than her campaign.

It crushed her life.

A left-leaning, quasi-news outlet selectively edited private comments Ford made on Facebook to paint her as a White Supremacist. It didn’t matter that nothing in Ford’s resume suggested any such thinking.

The narrative took hold at breakneck speed, and all the usual suspects were to blame.

“When the Mob Came” skewers reporters that took the Press Progress story about her deceitfully edited feedback on religion with out questioning the motivation behind its launch or the content material of Ford’s character.

She represented the unsuitable social gathering, and he or she should be destroyed. And he or she was, to an extent.

“When the Mob Came” lets the part-time filmmaker right the document and, extra importantly, warn we could be subsequent.


The documentary is a gradual burn, and viewers unaffiliated with Canadian politics might develop annoyed by that preliminary strategy. It’s a mandatory one, demanding endurance to know the totality of the cancelation, its sources and the way one thing like this could occur.

The movie exhibits how Cancel Tradition doesn’t simply take out one particular person. It extends to their circle of affect, coaxing others to keep away from them in any respect prices.


Two folks obtained slammed as White Supremacists by the identical Press Progress outfit for “liking” two of Ford’s Tweet decrying political nastiness. In consequence, few had been courageous sufficient to face by Ford then, or now.

“Most people thought it would be easier to pretend I didn’t exist,” she says within the movie.

Ford, who co-directed “Mob,” captures her wavering mind-set by way of the ordeal. She was defiant and defeated, hopeful and apprehensive a couple of tradition that might allow somebody to be mistreated on this trend.

Ford turned a de facto skilled in Cancel Tradition and its related lies, and he or she proves it by nailing the motion’s poisonous nature. Apologies make issues worse and don’t encourage forgiveness.

We’ve seen that point and time once more. Contemplate a really latest instance of a sports activities broadcaster who inadvertently stated the “n-word” throughout a broadcast.

He apologized swiftly for his mistake and supplied appreciable context as to why he slipped up. He’s now out of a job.

It’s unattainable to look at this Canadian horror present and never make parallels to American tradition, how the U.S. media operates and a rising eagerness to silence speech.

Journalists are a part of the issue, after all, and “Mob” expertly particulars how their concern, their willingness to crush dissent, makes issues worse.

One radio journalist who dared to interview Ford suffered punishments practically as extreme as what the previous candidate endured.

“When the Mob Came” begins as Caylan Ford’s story and, in a approach, it by no means leaves her facet.

“It’s like you’re a ghost. You’re half dead but you’re still here. There’s no relief from the pain,” Ford says late within the movie.

The documentary isn’t about Ford. It’s about us.

Cancel Tradition is actual, pernicious and it destroys way more than particular person lives. It snuffs out freedom, breeds concern and can take down western tradition if left unchecked.

The detailed, meticulously shot “Mob” lets Ford inform her story, and for a documentary that invitations suspicion. Right here, that criticism has far much less benefit. Everybody, from social media to the press, has informed Ford’s story and informed it poorly.

Her flip is sorely overdue.

HiT or Miss: “When the Mob Came” presents a chilling account, and warning, in regards to the final targets of Cancel Tradition and its proponents.