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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron Reviews

A shopper shared, “I originally purchased this straightener for international travel and I’m so glad I did. It was extremely easy to pack and use while traveling. The heat resistant case meant I could straighten my bangs, immediately toss the straightener into the case and then into my luggage without having to worry about damaging my belongings. I now use this straightener for weekend trips and even daily touch ups for my bangs. I highly recommend!”

Another said, “I love the fact it doesn’t burn out my hair. It makes my hair soft and shiny. A lot better than my old iron. Ordered the larger size to straighten my long hair faster. I used the small one for my bangs. I love this product.”

Someone wrote, “I bought this mini iron and the full size one of the same brand. It heats up quick, my hair doesn’t get caught in it and it’s easy to use because it’s small. I have thick, coarse hair so, I mostly use the large iron for styling, and this one for touch ups. It’s too much work to use this iron for my whole head. Both irons impart a nice shine and do what you’d expect. I had a CHI iron before this and the plastic switch broke. Had I known that this was such a great product, I would’ve thrown away the CHI iron and bought this a long time ago.”

A reviewer shared, “I have had my CHI straightener for over 10 years. It has always ‘gotten the job done,’ but I’ve also questioned how much damage it did to my hair, and if I could find a smaller more portable one that might do a better job. Problem solved! This little straightener is amazing! I have thick, shoulder-length, very curly hair. I also live in the south (basically in the swamp) and have a long walk to work every morning. By the time I’m finished walking to the building my hair is a giant frizzy mess, so I have been desperate to solve the issue. No frizzy hair, no large heavy flat iron, just smooth and silky straight locks. Job done!”

“Love it! Purchased this for a trip to New Zealand and Australia. So much more compact and lightweight than your standard straightening iron. The dual voltage is built in so I did not have to purchase a converter. Although smaller than my normal flat iron, the blades are still large enough that it only took me about five extra minutes to flat iron my hair. I have long, 8-10 inches past my shoulders, medium thick hair. Would absolutely recommend,” a shopper wrote.